Demure Facepalm


Facepalm, modest and shy. When you want to express disappointment, with class! Beats Picard.




A view from the office canteen.

A panorama photo touted as the "biggest shot of Tokyo ever" has been making rounds. It is indeed interesting to look at. There's probably an embarrassing scene somewhere hidden in those windows.

Here's another panorama taken from the same building's roof deck.


Garrett Popcorn, Harajuku

Garrett in Harajuku opened more than a year ago, but the lines are still 30 mins long at best. Unfortunately for the wifey, no Macadamia CaramelCrisp® in this branch.


2013 Summer Fireworks (Hanabi) Festival Schedule in Tokyo / Kanto

Summer is here again. Time for the annual tradition of enjoying fireworks displays with friends, families, food and alcohol. has the complete list of hanabi festival schedule for 2013 in Tokyo and other areas. Kanpai!